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Author Topic: Newcastle United's new manager is...
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Did he really buy him as a replacement for Fjortoft? Drysdale was a left back!

He wasn't heading for England or anything like that when he was at Watford, but he was acceptable, to then experience that level of decline was impressive, Newcastle must have really done a number on him.

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ursus arctos
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Is there a chance that Christ's first 45 minutes out of the tomb were this tedious?
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Big Dave's Gusset
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Well, no, not a direct replacement, but he sold Fjortoft on deadline day and signed Drysdale.
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Cavalry Trouser Tips
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This game was a guaranteed damp squib 0-0 for it is the first televised football match I have ever paid for as I started my Setanta Sports subscription yesterday.

I eagerly await more value-for-money thrills on Monday as Liverpool take on Aston Villa.

Actually, Oxford United v Exeter City tomorrow night will probably be the better bet.

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I also now have the pleasure of Setanta Sports but the Keegan wankfest was sheer tedium so I kept flicking over to Watford v Charlton on Sky. Apart from Gary Birtles again informing us, as if it were a profound insight, that 'strikers must hit the target', that was just as bad. And one or both of these teams could be in the Premier League next year.

In fact, the vast majority of football is rubbish, isn't it?

[ 19.01.2008, 20:02: Message edited by: sidjames ]

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Harry Carpenter
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Were the Bolton fans actually singing "You're getting sacked in the morning!" at Keegan as I have heard reported?

Quality, if so.

[ 19.01.2008, 20:39: Message edited by: Harry Carpenter ]

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Any reports of mass blessings for the Messiah's Witnesses in the stands?
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I think this can be dropped in this thread too, its too funny to miss - OK, real or fake!?

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Wyatt Earp
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It's a bit foolish to say you've read a book when you haven't, given that you can then be caught out very easily.
Oh come on. The gist of the question was "Are you aware of what Owen wrote?"; Keegan responded to that gist and then clarified. As Keeganisms go, that's the least impressive I've ever read.
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rick derris
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looks like the dream team combo won't happen. shame

Kevin Keegan has admitted that the only recent contact he has had with Alan Shearer - who 'does not ring me any more' - is when the new Newcastle manager has watched the club's record goalscorer on television in his role as a football pundit.

Keegan believes this may be because of his failure to attend Shearer's testimonial in May 2006 and could prevent the club legends from providing the dream ticket Tyneside fans are demanding. It indicates that a reputation for remembering perceived slights remains intact, suggesting that new owner Mike Ashley and chairman Chris Mort might struggle to keep Keegan at the club if difficulties surface.

Article continues
Mort later dismissed those concerns and also claimed that Keegan was the club's first choice despite the courting of Harry Redknapp, and despite Observer Sport's understanding that the Portsmouth manager was approached in late December, two weeks before Sam Allardyce, Keegan's predecessor, was sacked by the Newcastle board.

The new manager also claimed that the Premier League's Big Four 'disrespect the cups' by fielding weakened sides.

After yesterday's 0-0 draw with Bolton, the opening challenge of Keegan's second attempt at managing the club to a first major trophy since 1969 will be how he handles the issue of Shearer. Despite being keen to speak with the former England captain, Keegan - whose comments suggest they may not have not spoken since before the testimonial - is unsure of the state of their relationship.

'I'd thought we were great friends. I've thought all his playing career, from the minute I asked him to sign in David Platt's mum's farmhouse in Cheshire, we had a fantastic relationship, a very honest one. Two people who say what they think and that's good,' he said, before admitting that speculation that Shearer may feel animosity towards him could be true.

'Yeah. I'd like to think not. But if you're asking, "Does Alan ring as much as he used to do?" then, no. If that's why he doesn't ring any more then while it's disappointing, I'll ring and ask him. It could be offending him in some way. But I couldn't come to Alan's [testimonial] because I'd got a family holiday. I was in the States.

'I think things like that sadly maybe affect [him]. But it hasn't affected me. But for me to fly all that way back - you know, I wouldn't expect him to do that. So maybe I'm thinking like I would think - and maybe it did offend him.'

Shearer's involvement is also in doubt because of his declaration that 'I don't see myself as a number two'. What did the 56-year-old manager think of that statement? 'Then, in that case, he isn't going to come here, is he? Because what am I going to fetch him in as - joint manager? But the only time we'll really know if it's on or not is when we speak. I won't go chasing him around. He's said his things in the paper. And if Alan says he doesn't want to be number two then there's no point having a long conversation.'

Asked if Shearer did want the job, Keegan seemed to hint that the 36-year-old might not be committed enough, and suggested the best he might expect would be a minor role. 'He's got other engagements, I know when I used to work for television - you make a promise to people, and whether it's to the TV or a football club, whoever you're working for, it's a promise.

'If he can't be there on a Saturday because he has television work then you can't be a number two. I think there's an involvement for Alan at this club that could be on his terms. I mean what a fantastic player to have around to help people in the art of finishing, and just talking to players.'

On the club's future Keegan pointed to the cup competitions - Newcastle visit Arsenal on Saturday in the fourth round of the FA Cup - as being realistic targets.

'The Big Four treat them with a little bit of disrespect,' he said. 'When they're at a final, they'll put out their strongest team, [after] putting their kids out. I'm hoping Arsenal are going to do that.'

The former England manager also disclosed that he had only returned because the club had changed ownership since he walked out on Newcastle in 1997. 'If you think about the finish it was disappointing. Sir John Hall [the former owner] couldn't even be bothered to come back and say goodbye, yet the two guys who saved the club were talking to each other five years earlier. I wouldn't probably go out for dinner with him, Freddie [Shepherd, the former chairman] or Douglas Hall [a former director], though I do respect them.'

Keegan may be surprised to hear that chairman Mort had 'over a number of months talked with Sir John about Kevin and what he brought to the club'. The chairman insisted that the appointment of Keegan, a local folk hero, had been a decision of the 'head not heart'. And he insisted that he was first choice once the club knew Keegan himself was interested in a possible return.

What if Redknapp had accepted an offer that apparently came after Keegan had been contacted 10 days ago? 'Well, we hadn't said "Yes" to Harry necessarily,' the chairman claimed. But it is thought that the Portsmouth manager had been sounded out two weeks before Allardyce's departure - and that one reason Redknapp, who may have benefited from United's interest with a further £500,000 addition to his salary, declined the switch was the high expectation of the Geordie fans.

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Sorry Rick, but surley this was the more news worthy story regarding newcastle this morning:

From the News of the World

A TEENAGE model has revealed how she romped with soccer ace Alan Smith in a toilet at a wild England bash the night before the crucial Croatia game.
Video: Sexy shoot with Alan Smith's girl

Sophie Bovington-Kerr was one of a group of beauties who secretly partied with the squad that flopped in front of millions in the Euro 2008 qualifier 3-2 defeat at Wembley.

And she tells how £6 million Newcastle midfielder Smith's mind wasn't on the biggest match for years—or his on-off girlfriend Holly Worthington— when he homed in to score with the 18-year-old.

"He was still wearing the England kit he'd trained in that day when he took me into the loo. He pushed me into the cubicle, pulled his shorts down and had oral sex with me," says Sophie.

"We'd swapped numbers and even after I'd left the hotel later he bombarded me with texts far into the night asking me to come back and go to bed with him."

FA bosses have tried to draw a veil over the scandal after sacking coach Steve McLaren and ushering in a new era with Italian Fabio Capello—but last night Sophie broke her silence to tell the News of the World: "It was the night before the biggest game of some of these players' lives and all they were after was sex with me and my friends.

"I couldn't believe the way they were behaving. All I could think was, ‘In less than 24 hours you lot will be at Wembley with the whole country willing you on to win'."

Sophie and her pals had just finished a photoshoot at Watford's five-star Grove Hotel where the team were based on November 20.

They sneaked into the VIP area reserved for superstars. Smith was among other bored squad players hoping some girls would turn up.

When £50,000-a-week star Smith, 27, saw Sophie he made a beeline for her. "I'd met him in the players' lounge after the Brazil game last June and just thought he was really arrogant and rude. He was so full of himself," said Sophie.

"He'd strutted around and gave the impression he could sleep with me just because he's a footballer. But that night we talked properly and I really liked him." He then asked the pretty brunette for her phone number. "Twenty seconds later he sent me a text saying, ‘Meet me in the toilets in five minutes' and he left the room. I didn't go because I know what footballers are like.

"Then I got another message saying, ‘Go to the toilets' He kept going out of the room and expected me to follow him." By 8.30pm Sophie needed the loo. When she opened the door to come out, Smith was waiting for her.

"He pushed me back in the cubicle and said, ‘I want to talk to you'.

"Then he started kissing me passionately. His hands were everywhere—on my thighs and on my bum. He said I had an amazing body and how much he wanted to have sex with me. The game was the last thing on his mind.

"The thing I really remember was that he was still wearing his England kit that he'd trained in a few hours earlier.

"He pulled his shorts down and I gave him oral sex. He was pressed up against the wall and was obviously enjoying it—but I didn't feel comfortable about it."

Former Old Trafford ace Smith also sent Sophie a string of texts AFTER she left the hotel.

No early night before the big match for him—he bombarded her with messages until 1am telling her to come back and begging her to have sex with him in the five-star hotel's exclusive spa and fitness suite.

Sophie said: "I didn't go back. I couldn't believe this was an England international on the eve of a big game. Thousands of people would give their right arm to be in his position."

Astonishingly at 3.47pm the next day—just over four hours before the kick-off—Smith sent her another explicit message, saying: "Wish I cud meet u. What wud u want me to do on that table?" And he was still trying it on weeks later.

Smith didn't earn an England cap against Croatia. He wasn't even on the subs' bench for the game. But he clearly couldn't forget his match with Sophie.

She got another text on Christmas Day at 3.48pm saying: "What u doing now naughty? I'm really horny."

It is not the first time the FA has launched an investigation into sex scandals at The Grove. On the eve of England's 3-0 win over Estonia on October 12 a married star disgraced himself after being caught by an official having sex in a side room with another model.

And last year we revealed how some senior players indulged in a drunken party for Chelsea star Shaun Wright-Phillips' birthday at a lapdancing club between two crucial Euro 2008 qualifiers

At the sleazy bash one senior England star had sex with a girl in full view of other partygoers in the club's basement at 4am.

Captain John Terry, who is paid £100,000 a week, was so drunk he urinated on the floor and another player begged two lapdancers for a threesome.

Sophie was invited to that party at the club in Soho's Wardour Street, on October 27, and was pictured with Terry, 27, wearing a striped blue and white polo shirt. She said: "It was a horrible, drunken party.

"The players were all knocking back champagne and vodka."

Sophie was at the hotel with her pal, student Katharyn Mann, to do a photo shoot for breast cancer charity The Perfectly Pink Company. Also there were blondes Adele Cable and Lisa Turner who run the company and use England superstars to pose with models wearing their fashion line.

The girls were supposed to leave the team hotel after the photoshoot at 7pm. But they were sneaked into the private booths in a sectioned-off VIP area.

FA bosses have now put a stop to any photoshoots with female models the night before international matches.

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rick derris
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mine was from the guardian! I didnt even realise NOTW had a website

alan smith acting like a wanker shocka!

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ian .64
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There's a Newcastle fan in this morning's Observer Sport supplement castigating all those 'non-Geordies' for slagging off his club.

I quote:

"Just what is it about Newcastle and their ethos that narks outsiders so much?"

My italics and I suppose I should have put some around the word 'outsiders', too. But, fuck me, talk about answering your own question.

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rick derris
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a geordie on 606 last night said something along the lines of

"i have no axe to grind, but supposing all the cities of liverpool, manchester and london only had one team. if they went through a few barren years even being relegated would they have been forced to build a bigger stadium? I think not"

they really dont get it

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ian .64
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they really dont get it

And Alan Green and Co., in their own small way, encourage this to flourish by not pulling them up and making them see and hear the pure, dumb idiocy of their own words.

As I said before, there's probably a section of Newcastle fans somewhere who're bemused and hugely irritated by the yokel-style image their more demanding and shrill fellow fans are applying to their club, but it's amazing how much some of the sports media are refusing to prick this bubble of self-satisfied braggadocio. It's like "yes, it is a bit of a circus, but just listen to Keegan, isn't he brilliant? Oh, and just look at him smile! He's so happy! Oh, doesn't he sound wonderful? It's so good to have him back!"

Like a bunch of old ladies simpering over a one-month old baby.

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