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Author Topic: I'm going to regret that on Monday ....
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Really? Bollocks.
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Wyatt Earp
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Something in that, though. In your early years of pubgoing you use pubs for snogging, but then it's a slow, smooth transition from that towards the Late Pubgoer Behaviour Pattern, which consists of glancing periodically over the top of your Racing Post and saying "Same again, Charlie, ta." I'm far closer to the latter these days, I think.
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Wyatt Earp
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Guardian in my case, though, of course.
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Don Malhumorado
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So anyway. What does Rogin regret most: pulling this lovely lady, or not getting her home with him?
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Spock na Escada
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Posting it on here probably.
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Gangster Octopus
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"Same again, Guardian, ta."

It does help to have someone to keep an eye on you when you've reached a certain age...

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Uncle Ethan
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I think it goes a little deeper than age if you move on to snogging someone called Charlie who has equine inclinations.
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Bummer. I was hoping to start a thread about work Christmas dos and title it "Shit, if it's gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatahs!!"

Our company did some sort of Christmas "lunch" in the conference room with Karaoke. That was on Tuesday, I think. I missed that, however, because I've taken this whole week off in addition to next week.

I did go to our department party at my boss' house. It was a casual pot-luck affair. I brought the beer. Everyone else seemed more drunk than me (I had to drive home, so I only had two drinks), because there was a lot of really animated non-sensical chatter. My only options were to join in, and then feel like an idiot for talking like a drunken person when I'm not, or to just sit back and say nothing and appear to be a downer (or worse, leave early and have everyone think I'm a downer). So I engaged in non-sensical chatter.

Snogging a coworker was not an option that presented itself, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how one looks at it and depending on which coworker on has in mind.

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Soccer Scrimmage
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From the Washington Post:

In Britain, A Respected, If Rowdy, Holiday Ritual
Office Parties Known For Booze, Brawls

By Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, December 23, 2007; A01

LONDON -- Just before midnight, the well-dressed, 25-year-old financial trader arrived by ambulance at the makeshift hospital tent pitched at a train station in central London. Blood oozed from his scalp, staining his elegant pink-striped shirt.

"What happened to your head?" asked Dixie Dean, an emergency care specialist with the London Ambulance Service, as she wrapped gauze around his head and checked for a skull fracture.

"I don't remember," said the dazed man. He was the latest injured drunk this busy night in the medical tent set up to care for casualties of the infamous British office party.

In many parts of the world, companies hold Christmas parties -- or holiday, year-end bashes -- for employees. But in Britain, the gatherings have become a particularly potent institution, legendary for massive booze consumption that leads to fistfights, firings and spur-of-the-blurry-moment indiscretions in boardrooms and parking lots.

Dean compared the Christmas season in Britain to New Year's Eve in New York -- except that here, the binges run nightly for two solid weeks leading up to Dec. 25.

The spike in alcohol-related emergency calls from office parties is so predictable that the ambulance service has a special medical vehicle to patrol the streets. With room for five people, it's known as the "Booze Bus" or "Vomit Comet."

"Yet the office Christmas party endures," said Sam Gill, who has been helping plan them for 19 years. They are such a tradition that even in slow economic times, "it would take a lot to take the Christmas office party off the calendar."

Lawyers are increasingly warning companies that they should not provide free-flowing alcohol for fear of injury and sexual harassment lawsuits like those that have arisen in the past.

In one case, a London lawyer won and collected damages believed to be well over $1 million after a senior lawyer at her investment bank made remarks about her breasts and sex life at the office party. Another executive won a suit after claiming she was ridiculed by her boss at the office Christmas party about her decision to convert to Islam and eat halal meat.

Gill said American companies based in England are a bit "more concerned about litigation" arising from boozing at late-night Christmas celebrations and typically shut down their parties at 9 p.m.

Groups promoting alcohol awareness in Britain -- which consistently comes out at or near the top in surveys of Europe's heaviest-drinking countries -- say tradition or not, it may be time to tame the Christmas party. This month, Prime Minister Gordon Brown convened a summit meeting on binge drinking at his 10 Downing Street office.

But, despite the warnings, many in Britain are standing up for parties with an almost patriotic vigor. As one enthusiastic commentator on "Comment is free," the popular forum on the Guardian Unlimited Web site, recently noted, "Projectile vomiting is our birthright."

These days, the office party is one of the most talked-about topics on Internet blogs and radio call-in shows. People regularly share humiliating office party experiences, while others warn of dangers ranging from broken teeth to unplanned pregnancies.

The Ultimate Experience, the event planning company where Gill is managing director, has planned Christmas parties for tens of thousands of people this month -- typically costing employers about $250 a person.

Large companies, especially in the huge banking and financial sector of London, opt for lavish parties with champagne fountains, live bands and elaborate decorations -- acrobats and Moroccan themes are popular this year. They rent out palaces, country estates, and tourist landmarks including the London Aquarium and London Dungeon, a horror attraction. Small companies hold their celebrations at pubs and restaurants.

Fewer companies seem to be holding parties at the office, going along with a recommendation by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which has noted a number of Christmas party injuries related to office furniture and machinery.

"Meeting room tables were designed for weighty documents, not overweight executives dancing," said Jo Stagg, a society spokeswoman.

She noted that partygoers seem to find great amusement in photocopying intimate body parts. Stagg recalled one incident in which a man at his Christmas party sat on the copy machine, broke the glass and ended up in the emergency room with shards of glass in his bottom.

This year, tens of thousands of female office workers stepped out in skimpy red "Sexy Mrs. Santa" suits, complete with faux white fur and miniskirts, some of them backless.

"It's fun to dress up. It gets you in the mood for the party," said Julie Sexton, 25, an account manager at a marketing agency who was buying a $65 Mrs. Claus dress on London's Oxford Street. She said four women in her office decided to wear them to their office party.

Ann Summers, a London retailer selling the outfit (alongside naughty nurse outfits), sold 2,000 last week alone. "Office Christmas parties are an excuse to dress up," said Lizzie Eddleston, a store spokeswoman.

Michael Norledge, 22, a bartender at The Hill pub in North London, said that he has seen two men come in dressed as Mrs. Claus, complete with fishnet stockings. "People dress up in costume here more at Christmas than Halloween now," he said.

In many central London subway stations these days, extra police are on duty monitoring smartly dressed people stumbling home from Christmas parties.

At 12:30 a.m. Friday at the Liverpool Street station, six police officers stood in the middle of the large terminal.

"How do I get to north London?" one 20-ish man asked an officer.

"Where exactly in north London? " the officer responded.

"To my house," said the man, so addled that he couldn't remember what subway stop was closest to his home.

A 40-year-old man named Robert, his fancy brown leather shoes peeking out from under a blanket, was too drunk to sit up without the help of three paramedics.

He told police he had started drinking at noon, more than 12 hours before. He had called his wife, who lived in Surrey, south of London, but she wouldn't come to get him. So the paramedics said they would admit him to the hospital rather than leave him to fend for himself on the freezing winter night.

[ 23.12.2007, 12:42: Message edited by: Soccer Scrimmage ]

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Purves Grundy
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I can only remember going through the split with my first wife, a split I was more than happy with, I had no kids from the marriage and was beginning a new relationship with my now wife. And still I hit the skids, drinking too much and publically snogging someone in a pub. Goodness knows how he feels with Christmas coming up
Used and resentful I expect you slack bastard.
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Am I the only person to be surprised that Dixie Dean has been reincarnated as a female paramedic?
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Am I the only one to feel proud to be British after reading that article?
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Phoebe Disco
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Clearly. I'm ashamed to be of the same nationality of those... those... lightweights.
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