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Idea stolen from here.

4 Jobs I've Had

1. Paper boy. Actually this was OK. I delivered David Davies' and Stuart Pearson's Manchester Evening News, for one thing. At the shop I had the opportunity to look at loads of porn magazines, for another.

2. Librarian. I did a library degree, which was interesting enough but at that time I had little understanding of quite how demented a large sector of the population are. Working in public libraries put me right on that score. Ghastly.

3. EFL Teacher. Advantages: Really interesting and met loads of people from all over the world. Disadvantages: dreadful money and you never stop thinking about ideas for classroom activities, which is exhausting. Also made me realise how hard it must be to be a proper teacher in a regular school.

4. HE Admin. What I do now. Basically I help academics to make courses. It's a good job and I feel lucky to have it, although this is a pretty bloody dispiriting time to be involved in higher education.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

I have dreadful taste in television, but lack the courage to talk publicly about Colleen's Real Women or Freaky Eaters. This is just what I'm watching now, rather than my all-time favourites, to be clear.

1. Cooking In The Danger Zone. The second series has just started and it's pretty good. Bloke travels to hot spot, looking at the local politics of food production with a few recipes thrown in.

2. Alternative Therapies. I should like this for the debunking of health-related mumbo jumbo, but in fact I like it for the fact that the presenter - who is the same age as me - is relatively hot, but still looks older than me.

3. A Cook's Tour Of Spain. Really irritating, know-nothing posh-bird presenter, pretending that she's friends with lots of old Spanish people. Hateful.

4. A Year In Tibet. Less interesting than I'd hoped, but still pretty good. Never mind the culture, it's the landscape that sticks in my mind.

4 Places I've Been

Hmmm, I think I'll define this as "4 Favourite English Churches."

1. Selworthy, Somerset. We just went there last month. Stunning location, perched overlooking a valley at the eastern end of Exmoor.

2. Brockhampton, Herefordshire. An early 20th century Arts & Crafts church. What a composition.

3. Blythburgh, Suffolk. There are gazillions of top churches in East Anglia, but this is top of my chart. Light and airy and gorgeous.

4. Furtho, Northants. I have to choose this one. It's not used for services anymore but is still open to visitors. Small, rickety and run down, but still oddly perfect.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. YMCK. Relentlessly chirpy 8-bit-inspired electropop. Clive, needless to say, would - probably does - love them to bits.

2. The Bats. 80s indie types will probably remember the NZ Flying Nun label: The Bats were and remain my absolute favourites. What I wouldn't give to write songs like Robert Scott.

3. Piana. Squeeky-voiced Japanese woman. A bit electronic, a bit piano-y, but it's always very calming. And indeed charming, now I come to think of it.

4. New Musik. You know, Living By Numbers. Anyway, the main bloke, Tony Mansfield, is a total genius. Just downloaded their third - and most peculiar - album, Warp.

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Femme Folle
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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Selling expensive kitchen knives. Worst job I ever had, by far. Let me know that sales was definitely not the career for me.

2. Night auditor at a dumpy hotel. Regularly rented a room to a local politician using an alias.

3. Medical records clerk at a hospital. Got to read the more interesting emergency room reports for the night before. Why would you stick a broom straw in your penis anyway?

4. Billing clerk at a tugboat company on the Mississippi River. The office was built on a barge and listed when one of the fuel or water storage tanks was lower than the other. Couldn't keep pens on my desk. Fortunately for me, I don't get seasick.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. House. Hugh Laurie. Need I say more?

2. American Idol. As much as it pains me to admit this, I watch every episode. Not sure why.

3. Forensic Files. Fascinating how a little tiny piece of fibre can be enough to convict someone of murder. Lessons to be learned, especially this: if you're going to rape and murder someone, better go in naked and use a condom. It's a good idea to wear gloves, but don't discard them in the victim's bin; they can now get your DNA profile from epithelial cells found inside the glove. And make sure you don't have your pet's hair on you either.

4. Moment of Truth. Pure unadulterated train wreck TV. It fascinates me that people would be willing to ruin all of their personal relationships for the remote chance of winning half a million dollars. It's not as if they don't know what questions they will be asked ahead of time. I couldn't do it--wouldn't do it.

4 Places I've Been

I'll define this as "Four Unusual Places I've Been".

1. Dry Prong, Louisiana. The name alone is worth mentioning.

2. Stoke-on-Trent. Not that unusual, I suppose, but definitely a place that prompts people to ask, "why did you go there?" The answer is: to visit a friend. Why else?

3. Dothan, Alabama. Home of the National Peanut Festival (which I have never attended and have no plans for ever attending).

4. Somewhere in Maine. There was a lake and lots of trees. And loons--the bird kind and the human kind. The weather was very pleasant for July, however. I wouldn't mind going back there, if I could only remember the name of the place.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

In no particular order:

1. Wolfmother
2. Arcade Fire
3. The Pipettes
4. Muse

Can I go now?

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The Batebe of Toro Foundation
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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Teaching sailing to snot-nosed little kids who didn't want to be there. nightmarish. Worse, I didn't even get to do the on-the-water stuff, I had to teach those who were confined to land for some reason, usually because they simply didn't want to be there...

2. Labourer. Bloody hard work; starts early, finishes late, and by the end of the day every inch of you hurst to hell. But it gets you fit as bedamned, and pays well. Particularly 'cause you're too tired to spend much...

3. Building Society clerk. possibly the least interesting thing I've evezzzzhzhzhzhhzhzhhzhhvl;sdddvn;onv ;iasv

4. Philosohpy Tutor, and occasional lecturer. Bloody brilliant.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

I don't have a TV, but have very episode on DVD of

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Angel

3. The West Wing

4. The Sopranos

4 Places I've Been

1. Corozal, Belize.

2. A (boiling) hot natural spring in the mountains above Beppu, Japan.

3. Castleford, West Yorkshire. Like Portlaoise without the vibrancy and optimism.

4. Port Townsend, WA.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. My cheesemonger describing the latest melodramas of her life

2. Bob Brozman with Papuan-New Guinean string bands

3. Steve Reich

4. Palace brothers.

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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Customer Service person for Railtrack at Paddington. Good money, lots of verbal attacks. I quite enjoyed it, and didnt lose my rag once in 3 years. However, I drank a lot afterwork.
2. Community Centre Worker. I liked this. Northumberland Park in London. It boiled down to babysitting kids after school, and teaching them how to use the Internet.
3. Chicken Factory Operative. Derby environs. As horrible as it sounds. I lasted 1 day, and it would have been shorter if I hadnt got a lift to the place.
4. Short Order cook. Fuengirola. 50C temperatures in the kitchen with no air conditioning. I was literally blind for about 20 minutes after each shift. But, the money was brilliant, and of course it was the Costa del Sol.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. Shameless. Got into this late, but I absolutely love it now.
2. The West Wing. Sadly missed, but it was about to jump the shark at any moment in the last series.
3. How It's Made/How It Works/How Do They Do That?. A trio of science type nonsense programmes that fulfils my hidden nerd needs (available on the 520's from 1am on Sky)
4. Lingo. This is a Dutch language game show, where you have to guess the 6 letter words. For someone who speaks limited Dutch, it is an absolute thrill to get one correct. Sadly, I only get to watch it when I am in the Netherlands.

4 Places I've Been

1. Spalding. Nastiest place in the UK.
2. Brodick. On a wee island (Arran?) off the west of Scotland. Pissed down all weekend, but I loved every second of it.
3. Bristol. Soft spot for this place.
4. Ronda. In the mountains near Costa del Sol. Stunning views.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

Not actually listening to anything in depth so last four artists I listened to a whole album by:

1. Buzzcocks (Another Music in a Different Kitchen)
2. Catatonia (Paper Scissors Stone)
3. The Platters (Greatest Hits)
4. U2 (October)

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oh and FF, the broom straw thing: it's called "sounding". No, I dont understand it either.
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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Paperboy - early mornings, outdoors, nobody bothering you, good tips, loved it.

2. Security Guard at a building site - the lowest point in my working life, just left university, was unemployed and needed money at the tail end of a recession and this is what 3 years of higher education gave me.

3. Civil Servant - easiest job in the world, could've quite happily stagnated there for the rest of my life, flexi time, half decent wage, internet, good colleagues, shit-loads of holidays and basically nothing to do whatsoever.

4. EFL teacher - unlike furtho, I get a good wage, far better than I received in London, but I've been lucky with the private clients I've built up. All the other stuff applies about meeting loads of people, being respected for what you do and worrying about lesson plans in the middle of the night.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

This is more by circumstance than actual choice, Portuguese TV is worse anything you could ever possibly imagine.

1. Friday night with Malato - A David Letterman style chat show with one of the biggest tossers on Portuguese TV presenting it. Words cannot descrbe its infuriating awfulness. Senhora steveeeeeeeeee watches it just to wind me up.

2. Fatíma - Portuguese daytime TV program presented by Fatíma Lopes. She's a brilliant presenter, the show has this great game called "Tree of Symbols" which is presented by a godawful ventriloquist and his duck. At the end of the show, Fatíma and 4 friends sit around a table and say nasty things about Victoria Beckham for half an hour. It's unmissable.

3. The Price is Right (in Euros) - It's on every day in Portugal at the same time I finish work (7pm). I'm usually having a quick beer in the bar across the road from my office, this is always on, it's strangely engrossing.

4. Football - There's usually one live game on every weekend, as long as I'm not working, I'll never try to miss it.

4 Places I've Been

1. Isla da Tavira - One of the most beautiful beaches in The Algarve.

2. Cadiz - Most amazing city I've been to in Spain and there are many of them.

3. Portland OR - Had a friend who lived there, went to visit him, it's a great place if you like drinking and seeing bands. Nice countryside nearby too.

4. Florence - Very overrated, too many tourists, I didn't like it.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. The Black Lips - they're nothing special, but I seem to be listening to them a lot recently. I should stick to the Nuggets compilations they rip off.

2. Kumpania Algazarra - They're a Portuguese band I saw play last week. It was a great show but the CD I bought of theirs is awful.

3. Shackleton - I bought a Skull Disco compilation when I was last in London, it isn't very good but a 10 minute track by Shackleton called "Blood on my Hands" is f*cking awesome.

4. Nigeria 70 - the compilation that inca shared on OTF music. F*cking great it is, thanks!

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Femme Folle
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Gerontophile: Good to know.

Off topic: Yesterday I had lunch from Boston Market. On the drink cup was written the following:


insert a straw


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4 jobs I've had

1. TEFL teacher - virtually all my adult life ...

2. Telephonist for the National Blood Service in Manchester. Decent people but obviously very repetitive stuff - and highly embarrassing when the lists hadn't been updated enough so that you asked to speak to the already deceased ...

3. Passenger Services Agent for easyJet at Luton Airport. Not actually the hell it might possibly be popularly imagined to be - the 'camaraderie' was good, though the pay was a pittance, it really being a job for a married person whose partner is fairly wealthy. To imagine I actually went TEFL teaching in Poland to have a better standard of living! Plenty of thick and sometimes abusive passengers, but it's more than balanced out by the happiness of helping people on their holidays ...

4. Waiter, Irish Bar, Seville ...

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. Football - I really don't watch TV apart from football or a few 'star' series

2. Rome

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm

4. (A few years ago now) Party of Five

4 Places I've Been

1. Malbork, Poland. Impressively sturdy castle.

2. Nizwa, Oman. Spectacular desert mountain backdrop, nutty drivers.

3. Sparta, New Jersey. A pleasant woody/lakey place out in the NYC hinterlands.

4. Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Ich brauche nur Sex, Bier und Schalke null vier.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. The Bluetones

2. Andres Calamaro

3. Nena Deconte

4. Lady Pank

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Three remarks, unfortunately all of which relate in some way or other to FF's viewing habits.

1. You fancy Hugh Laurie??! Lovely fellow and all, but is he really to be considered a hottie?

2. re: Forensic Files. Oddly, one of the courses I'm working on at the moment [see my fourth job] is this. Very interesting indeed.

3. What is Moment Of Truth and how does the format put people in a position where they might "ruin all of their personal relationships for the remote chance of winning half a million dollars"?

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Femme Folle
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1. I like Hugh Laurie as an actor, not as a sex object.

2. It's a fascinating field. Makes me wish I had gone that direction way back when. Of course, the technology that exists today didn't, so never mind. I should have been born twenty years later.

3. Moment of Truth. It's a game show. Actually, it's like what the Jerry Springer show would be like if it were a game show.

[ 22.03.2008, 23:23: Message edited by: Femme Folle ]

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Vernons Pools
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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Worked in various jobs in (agricultural) fields (aka picking stuff) in my teens - but ended up working a 12 hrs overnight shift job on a canned peas line, in a canning factory, for one whole summer in Kings Lynn. The first time I (accidentally) witnessed a public shag happened during a ciggie break - it wasn't that nice.

2. Baseball Statistician for the official statistician for Minor League Baseball. Was responsible for 4 Leagues, incl the Pacific Coast League. Funny enough another 12 hr overnight shift job. Met lots of great professional baseball folks that year.

3. Waiter at Pizzeria Uno for two years. Sometimes it was fun - but mostly I hated it. All the running around meant I did lose weight (20lbs) and two inches off my waist which was good. And I always somehow left with 'uncollected take out orders' for the two homeless guys in Porter Sq T Station. Which made me feel good.

4. Admin Assistant in the Harvard University main Athletics Office. You wouldn't believe the $$'s that go into running college sports teams. (that was a rhetorical question).

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. Lost. I am a fan.

2. Any EPL game on Fox Soccer Channel.

3. SuperNanny. I have learnt some good stuff from her show, even if that cockney estuary accent grinds....

4. Currently watching each episode of 'In Treatment' on HBO.

4 (best) Places I've Been

1. Montreal
2. Kauai
3. Singapore
4. Liverpool - I miss it.

4 Artists I'm Listening To right now

1. Lily Allen
2. Roxy Music
3. Rosin Murphy
4. Jake Brennan

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Gangster Octopus
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This looks fun. Remind me to join in when I've sobered up.
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Desperately Seeking
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4 Jobs I've had

Waiter – In a shithole of a restaurant with the boss from hell. The only thing that made the job bearable was that the boss used to go home early allowing the staff to get royally pissed for free.

University Librarian – a doddle of a job where i was told to report twice the number of hours i worked due to the fact that the department would loose any funding that it did not utilise.

Civil Servant - easiest job in the world, could've quite happily stagnated there for the rest of my life, flexi time, half decent wage, internet, good colleagues, shit-loads of holidays and basically nothing to do whatsoever. Steveeeee also introduced me to OTF and some of the ladies were damn fine.

Consultant – the most demeaning and sould destroying job ever – I advised people on how to make money by exploiting the weak. Am so happy that I no longer do it though.

4 TV shows I never miss

CSI: Las Vegas – the original and the best

CSI: Miami – Horatio Caine kicks a$$

Battlestar Galactica –the most profound television programme of the decade

Eastenders – I actually hate the programme but I am forced to watch it by a combination of my girlfriend/best friend/mother/sister/brother/nephew or niece who all absoloutely love the programme

4 Places I have been (that have imprinted on my mind – for good or bad)

The Pyramids of Giza – to think that these were built four THOUSAND years ago and are still standing despite being next to one of the busiest and most chaotic cities in the world.

The “Eiffel” Tower in Vegas –sums up the “outlandishness” of Vegas (but in a good way).

Benares (India) – The city of the dead. It’s an important place in Hindu belief - the site of all creation and those that die in or on the way to Benares achieve enlightenment and escape the cycle of life and death. The city itself is a wonder to behold, completely orientated towards the dead.

The Ski Slope at the Mall of The Emirates (Dubai) – the plastic fantastic nature of Dubai is made evident by the fact that they have a ski slope in the middle of the desert.

4 Artist that I am listening to (my music is probably way too mainstream for OTF, but anyway)

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

Jay-Z/Linkin Park – Collision Course

Timberland – Shock Value

Damien Rice - O

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4 jobs I've had

1. Bartender, The Bierkeller, Manchester. The new manager set up an extreme metal night in a dingy, German-themed basement, and expected people to pay £4 in to drink £3 pints of Tenants from a pump that hasn't been cleaned in living memory. Two friends of mine DJ, me and another mate work on the bar. No one turns up, the manager gives us carte blanche to drink as much as we like, and I got paid cash in hand. The bouncer would sell resin to my mate on the bar, and we'd spend the evening getting drunk and stoned until the manager decided (usually around 11.30) that no one was going to turn up, and we might as well shut the doors and all get pissed together. He later realised how badly he was doing his job, completely flipped his wig, and ran off with the contents of the safe.

2. Admin jerk, Littlewoods. You know the Littlewoods catalogue? I ordered paper for them. Matte? Glossy? 90GSM? 120GSM? You name it, I didn't give a fuck about it. I was right next to the design department though, so I at least got to steal some really fucking good stationary.

3. Admin jerk, Manchester City Council (Adult Social Care.) Booked appointments for visiting officers to go and see what kind of benefits the elderly, infirm and mentally ill of Manchester are eligible for. The only events of note in six whole months were:

a. My boss giving me an old-fashioned copper's overcoat.
b. I got to read everyone's case files, which took up most of my days.
c. I had to make a phone call to the wife of a man who'd worked with my dad for twenty years, and who was in all reality a few days away from being a widow.

4. Admin jerk, The Government. I'm doing this now, it's quite terrible. I sit and stare at a computer, and some sheets of paper, and sometimes put numbers into the computer. Sometimes I send the pieces of paper to other people, or maybe put them in a ring binder. Also, I post too much on otf. My contract runs out in three weeks and I haven't got a clue what I'm going to end up doing.

4 TV Shows I Download and Rarely Get Around to Watching

1. Shameless - I'm not too keen on the new series; it's better produced, but too serious. Not as many snidey giggles, and things reminding me of Salford.

2. And...

3. ... Er...

4. ... That's it.

4 Places I've Been

1. Salford Market. It's fucking ace. There's a guy there who has a pile of about 50 old cameras, but I'm never flush enough to splash out on something that could be either brilliant or broken. I have enough broken camera ornaments as it is.

2. University. It was also fucking ace. Sort of like getting paid money to sit at my girlfriend's house smoking weed and playing Scrabble. Occasionally I'd write a load of high-falutin' nonsense, and at the end of three years I got a degree! A useless one at that!

3. Fiji. Outside the confines of the hotel, everybody walked around with machetes around their belts. It rained every day, so I spent the week listening to the two tapes I'd bought with me and introducing my 13 year-old brain to Naked Lunch. I didn't understand half of it, and the front cover terrified me.

4. Germany. "Ho, what's this?" my 11 year-old brain enquired, "it's just like England but everything's foreign. What's the fucking point in that?" Which is the main reason I want to go back, being older and wiser.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. Chrome Hoof

2. Circulus

3. Iron Monkey

4. Captain Beefheart

[ 23.03.2008, 00:51: Message edited by: blackdogbeak ]

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die grosse linke Hand
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I am yet to see the Moment of Truth (I am sure we mentioned this somewhere before). It looks pretty terrible as a TV show, but think it must be very watchable as FF has found.

I agree with her on not understanding why people appear on it - it seems to cost some their marriage without actually getting any money either. And the crowd of family supporting them in confessing to cheating on their partner on live TV for a couple of thousand dollars (potentially). Mad TV - coming to ITV soon I would guess.

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