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Author Topic: 4x4
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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Van Driver. The greatest job there is, especially when you get the MP3 adapter working. Easier than being a truck driver, I'd imagine. Just have to watch out for the fucking Amsterdam cyclists in your van's massive blind spot, who go through a red light, in the wrong direction, at night, with no headlamp and then shout at you afterwards.

2. Web designer. Involved lots of cutting out of photos of products in Photoshop. Tedious. Mind-numbing.

3. Building site worker. Human beings aren't designed to wake up that early in the morning.

4. Civil Servant at the Amsterdam City Council. I did, by my standards anyway, an average amount of work. The other civil servants thought I was some kind of a workaholic. Very unrewarding work.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. Shooting Stars.

2. The Thick of It.

That's it, really.

I used to watch Lingo all the time when it was 5-letter words and François Boulangé was the presenter. After he left the Lotto started sponsoring the show, shoving in their "promotional messages" and it went all downhill from there.

4 Places I've Been

Four of my favourite places then

1. The top of Mt. Rokko, Japan.

2. Amsterdamse Bos in the summer when the planes are using a other runways.

3. The Scottish Highlands.

4. Slea Head. Won't be long now before they put a motorway through it and build a big housing estate though, I'd say.

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. The Detroit Cobras

2. Nina Simone

3. Téléphone

4. Goran Bregovic

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Femme Folle
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Here's a clip of Moment of Truth. There are several on YouTube.

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Uncle Ethan
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Four Jobs


Ludicrous start time, one the more entertaining local estates - fun looking back, but not then.

Editor of football paper

Fell into it by luck and ended up flying back to the UK for cup finals and basically any game I liked. Met people I never thought I would. Led into radio commentary work. Dream come true.

Media guy/team manager for Perth Glory

Football from the inside. Unbelievable camaraderie. No job will ever match it.

Strategist for Greens WA

Never been with more committed and just all round decent people. Profound influence on outlook.

Four TV Shows

West Wing

But it jumped the shark when Zoe Bartlett was kidnapped

Everybody Loves Raymond

A guilty pleasure - great character actors and Marie is all too real sometimes.

The Bill

The original half hour shows were superb. Went soapy which is sad.


Brilliant late night Monday night TV on SBS, roll on the next series.

Four Places


Village I grew up in. Many faults but the Fens on a September evening or snow day in January are an awesome sight.


Incredible opulence, footsteps of history stuff.

Glastonbury 1986

Changed my life.

Cape Le Grande National Park

Beaches that run for ever, spray leaping metres into the air with sunlight dancing through it.

Four Artists

Paul Kelly

Good Charlotte

Bruce Springsteen

John Schumann

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fritz in a fez
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4 Jobs

Insurance Broker - first office job and a great laugh. management trying to control dozens of teenage boys who didn't give a toss. They had no chance.

Barman at Butlins - the most corrupt place I've ever worked. Pay was shit so everyone had a scam. A great laugh. All my crew sacked onthe same night ending up in a massive running battle round the holiday camp with the security guards.

Milkman - I loved this job. Early start, good money and finished by 11.00. Was incredibly fit as i used to run the round.

Housing Officer for local authority - three years of a slice of life on inner city estates. Alot went on in the estates round Kings Cross.

Four places

Sydney - Where my sister lives

Southampton - Happy days at university.

Paxton Road - WHL

Epping Forest - where i go running and walking

TV shows

Sopranos on DVD. Just got to series 4.
lLife on Mars. The orginal series.
Black books - on DVD.

Artists i'm listening to
British Sea Power
Nick Cave and the bad seeds
Nina Simone
Fire kills children - my son's band.

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Moment of Truth is already on British satellite TV with Jerry Springer as host. Its called "Nothing But The Truth" here, and is vile.

Recent questions included (this is hearsay as I have watched precisely 14 seconds of it): "Have you had sex with a member of your family?" and "Have you ever had a sexual dream about a member of the same sex?"

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Cavalry Trouser Tips
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4 Jobs

1) Paper round. I was sacked because I didn't have a bike. I stopped over at my nan's house the day I got sacked (which I wouldn't have been able to do if I'd still got my paper round) and she had a massive stroke in the middle of the night. Because I heard what was happening, I was able to call an ambulance. That was 14 years ago and she's going to be 81 this year.

2) Working in a call centre in Liverpool taking weekend customer service calls for a company that sold horse and pet equipment. Only worked 9-4 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday for £5 an hour. A great job for a student as the four of us working there got around 8 calls between us all weekend and the company had a super-fast broadband connection, so we just played network games all day. Best job ever.

3) Stacking shelves and tidying/sweeping/mopping up at Morrisons for £2.01 an hour. Worst job ever.

4) Web Developer - what I'm doing now and what I've done for the past 5 years.

4 Places I've been ten-pen bowling

1) LA Bowl in Leeds

2) Superbowl 2000 in Huddersfield

3) Strikes in Ely

4) Superbowl in Wakefield

4 TV Shows I never miss

1) Any football I can get through freeview/Setanata/dodgy web streams

2) Simpsons

3) Family Guy

4) Channel 4 News

(I don't watch a lot of telly)

4 Artists I'm listening to

1) Metallica

2) Ben Folds (+ Five)

3) Pulp

4) Fatboy Slim

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4 Jobs

1) Ticket tearing/coffee pouring at an arts venue. Good things: watching all the films; going to all the comedy clubs; being young and carefree etc.

2) Typing planning permissions into the database at Croydon council. It was less fun than it sounds. Whoever made the database decided not to allow copying/pasting or multiple entries.

3) Organising training courses in such things as 'be a lighting cameraman!' or 'be an expert on Avid in just 3 days!' etc etc. It was run by THE worst people I have EVER come across. The woman in charge would have become Pol Pot in different circumstances. But I did get to hang out at all the Soho facilities houses and be waited on by the thousands of model-gorgeous runners that abound in these places

4) DVD subtitler. So I watch a LOT of telly and quite a lot of films.

4 places

Erm. I'll choose the ones I'm most yearning to go back to.

1) The fjords of West Norway; most perfect place there is

2) Kyoto

3) Stockholm

4) St Petersburg

4 TV shows

Of things that are currently on...

1) I have been watching Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles, even though I know it's not that great. I just kind of want to know what will happen.

2) Erm I would have said Torchwood but I have got behind, but I will catch up. Even though I know it's not that great.

3) There's nothing else I can think of! Of the recent-ish things that I've worked on for DVD that I've seen all of, my favourites are: Buffy, XFiles, The Wire, Rome, Curb your Enthusiasm.

4 artists

1) I just got the new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks album, yay

2) Cat Power

3) Sofia Karlsson

4) Chuck D

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Don Malhumorado
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4 jobs I've had:

1. Barman. In loads of places. It's the perfect place for me to rot internally and self-destruct.

2. Web monkey. Doing webby things in a webby way. Then eating steak and having a pint for lunch and falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon.

3. Factory bastard. Lasted two days. Would have lasted a few more had they not played Mel C's Northern Star on repeat for 12 hours.

4. Writer/journo type thing. Essentially the same as being unemployed but not as lucrative.

4 places I've been to:

1. Lancaster University. I was young. I was immature. I drank mugs full of neat vodka. I went out in Freshers week and woke up in May. I left after a year.

2. University of Central Lancashire. It was a tax break, really. I didn't want to go back to Grantham so enrolled at a local ex-poly and lived on my overdraft, credit-card and student loan cheque.

3. University of Lincoln and Humberside. I fancied a degree at this point, but financial complications caused me to have to leave before they kicked me out for non payment of fees.

4. St. Martin's College. Bad craziness went down at this place. I prefer not to think about it any more.

4 tv programmes I never miss:

1. I don't watch telly.

2. On the whole, it's brain rottingly appalling

3. I sometimes watch GMTV in the morning, but only cos the missus has it on when she's getting ready for work

4. And Corrie is ace.

Four artists I'm listening to:

1. Jefferson Airplane

2. Johnny Cash

3. Kings of Leon

4. Doves

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Just have to watch out for the fucking Amsterdam cyclists in your van's massive blind spot, who go through a red light, in the wrong direction, at night, with no headlamp and then shout at you afterwards.
If David Cameron was an OTF member, one of his previous listed jobs would presumably be "Cyclist instructor in Amsterdam".
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Member # 104

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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Waiter. Professional stuff, silver service with all the showmanship that goes with it. Started in 1982 when I was 16 (when we emigrated to SA my English was too poor to resume my schooling, so I went to work until it was good enough), and carried on silver service waiting until 1985 in London. Then I worked for a non-silver service restaurant in Chelsea. My last gig, until November 1988, was running the room service department in Cape Town's poshest hotel. It was great being in charge of 12 staff at the age of 21, but soul destroying dealing with obnoxious people (and that was just management).

2. Barman. In a pub near Angel station. I lasted three days, and hated every minute of it.

3. Propaganda minion. In the Department of Information & Publicity in the regional HQ of the ANC, in charge of media production. I enjoyed it, but being caught up in internal political manoeuvring put me off the idea of active politics. My contract was not renewed because I was perceived to be in the "wrong" ideological camp. Because I am white. So much for non-racialism.

4. Journalist. I think I'm pretty good at it. I can write, editorialise, sub-edit, design, plan, produce, manage a newsroom well. I'm shit at networking though and work in a field where white males without networks are not in high demand, skills notwithstanding. So I'm stuck where I am.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1 Grey's Anatomy: My soap fix. I really enjoy the characters...

2. Prison Break: My thrill fix. Sometimes the tension is so unbearable that I need to remind myself: "Scofield will not die!"

3. 30 Rock: My comedy fix. Actually, I did miss it on Friday. It's not the greatest comedy show of all time, but it's very good indeed.

4. Ugly Betty: My metrosexual fix. It's really a comedy aimed at women. It sometimes works on my nerves on grounds of Ally McBealesque "quirkiness". Some great characters though, especially Wilhelmina's assistant.

4 Places I've Been

Favourite places I've been to:

1. Petra, Jordan. The city hewn into rock. Emerging from the gorge and first glimpsing the fabled Treasury is one of my most unforgettable travelling moments.

2. Lübeck, Germany. In 1999, I returned to the city of my birth for the first time in 15 years. Some things had changed, most hadn't. I traced part of my way from school, and saw a building that I recall being built in 1974 for a lawyers' firm. A quarter of a century later, the building had the same signage. Opposite was a shop. I entered it, and the layout was exactly as I had left it in the '70s. To me, this was as close to timetravel as I'd ever get.

3. Prague. I visited Prague twice, when it was still behind the Iron Curtain. It's beauty was enchanting me even as a teenager. But what I remember particularly fondly was in 1980, when my stepbrother and I got lost. We asked a young woman for direction to our appointed meeting place. She took us there by metro train, said goodbye, and moved to the next platform, presumably to return her to where she had picked us up.

4. Venice. A bit of a theme park, but what a theme park. Nothing like it.

4 Artists I'm Listening To the moment

1. Laura Veirs. Her Saltbreakers album is great indie-alt.folk-pop.

2. The Weepies. Shit name, great folk-pop act. Can't wait for the new album.

3. OMD. I've revisited a lot of their stuff recently. What a band, sand so underrated.

4. Counting Crows. Got the new album. Hated it at first listen, like it better with repeated listen. The influence of The Band (who I might have mentioned as one of the four) is still very evident. Nothing on the first couple of albums though. I doubt it will remain on frequent rotation.

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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Fruit picker
The rural equivalent of a paper round job. Pretty exhausting, but was working for family friends, so I got to keep some fruit myself, and work less than full hours.

2. Double-glazing Salesman. When very short of cash as a student. I lasted three days, and sold precisely no windows.

3. History Tutor, and occasional lecturer
Classes were fun, marking was horrendous. Career progression was non-existent

4. Court shorthand writer/logger/reporter (they can't seem to decide what to call us) My current job. Started as a brief stop-gap job, have now been doing it for 2 years. Sit in the crown court, listen to the cases, press record on the tape player, occasionally write something down. Fascinating, occasionally depressing work, very short hours, sod-all money.

We're shortly going to be made redundant by digital recording.

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. Gavin & Stacey

2. Scrubs - even though for the last season it was to whimper about how it has lost it's carefully calibrated balance bewteen humour and sentimentality by exorcising the humour, and simultaneously made you care less about the characters.

3. Pride & Prejudice. Ehle/Firth version. However often it is on TV (and it's on UKTV Drama quite a lot) I'll watch it.

4. Can't think of anything else

4 Places I've Been

4 places slightly off the beaten track I've been
1. Sainte-Croix, France (for a wedding)
In a beautiful area, full of tree covered mountains, Sainte Croix is a real picture postcard place, in size as well as appearance. Tiny streets, stone buildings.

The civil ceremony was held in the courtyard of an 11th century monastery, a fabulous building, sunshine above and birds twittering romantically.

From the back of the monastery was an absolutely sensational view. I kept on getting distracted while talking to people and gawking over their shoulder at the scenery. Unfortunately I always skip passages in literature that describe landscapes so my vocabulary is inadequate for describing the vista. But it was dead good, like.

2. Marion, Ohio/Granville, Ohio

My only visit to the US, and instead of seeing New York, San Fransisco, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, I saw two examples of small-town Ohio.

I was visiting my then girlfriend at her campus, which was just off Granville. I guess Granville is probably 'good' small-town America. It was pretty, prosperous, lots of local organic food, people being friendly to each other - and absolutely sod-all to do except go to church.

Then we went to her home-town, Marion, post-industrial shit-hole. All the people we visited there lived in not much more than shacks, with collossal TVs.

I look forward to being able to make a proper trip to the States so I can see some of the upside.

3. Eindhoven/Den Haag/Delft/Enschede

Not particularly off the beaten-track in themselves, but unusual in that in my visits to the Netherlands to visit relatives or to play korfball I visited all these places but never been to Amsterdam. I reckon that is probably unique.

4. Villajoiosa, Spain
Was originally going to be a holiday for my grandparents. Then my grandad became unwell, so my gran asked my mum, my brother and me to accompany her. Then he got a bit worse, so my gran stayed behind to be with him, and we all went instead. To a resort favoured by the elderly tourist, out of season and without any transport. It was a bit rubbish really.

4 Artists I'm Listening To the moment

1. Townes van Zandt. Started by doing a compilation for rick derris inspired by the country song knockout and have listened to not much else since. The term is over-used, but is apposite here: a genius.

2. The Supremes. At my mum's over Easter, musical choice is limited, but fortunately includes them.

3. Pulp. Having neglected them for a while, have been interspersing Separations and Different Class recently. His'n'Hers remains their best work though.

4. Sparklehorse.

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4 Jobs I've Had

1. Barman, both at University and in the "real world"

2. Private Banking Minion.

3. Temp in Croydon Council.

4). Solicitor

4 TV Shows I Never Miss

1. The Rugby Club

2. Torchwood

3. Struggling

4. Whatever takes my fancy, really.

4 Places I've Been

1. Egypt

2. Russia

3. Canada

4. Croydon (sadly)

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1). Iron Maiden

2). Holst

3). The Killers

4). Stephen Fry reads The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

[ 24.03.2008, 17:16: Message edited by: Eggchaser ]

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Two of us who've been temps at Croydon Council. Who would have thought?
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ad hoc
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4 Jobs I've Had
1. Assistant plant breeder. Not quite as perverted as it sounds, my job involved spending most days wandering around greenhouses shaking the brown paper bags in which two oilseed rape flowers were hidden so that they would pollinate one another. The worst days were the onese spent in the threshing room, which produced a choking dust that would leave you gasping for air, even though you were wearing a mask

2. EFL Teacher. What everybody else said really

3. Curriculum design expert for course on public health in refugeee camps. I knew nothing about the subject but was drafted in to help with making the material more teachable. Got to learn more than I ever cared to about the situation in camps, with particular reference to the hell that was Goma. Also got to spend time working in Kampala.

4. Freelance jack of all trades (ie whatever anyone will pay me to do). Brilliant. I love the flexibility, freedom, and the work I do.

4 TV Shows I Rarely Miss
(Mostly not out of choice)
1. Elmo's World.
2. Pingu.
3. Dora the Explorer
4. CSI (this one I do try and catch whenever I am available, but Romanian TV has an annoying habit fo shifting the schedules round on a weekly basis, so I often miss it even when I am at home)

4 Places I've Lived
1. Kolonia, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. Most exotic place I've lived in involving daily intercultural awareness. Possibly my favourite place, ever.

2. Zababdeh, Jenin, Occupied Palestine. As documented on here at length

3. Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. Most liberal town in ost liberal state in the country. Great small town, and very very liveable

4. Csikszereda, Romania. Hungarian world inside Romania. Never gets dull (though the post-Ceausescu architecture does - and fast)

4 Artists I'm Listening To

1. Jorge Ben (not really left the top four for about 5 years)
2. Orchestre No. 1 de Dakar.
3. The Mendoza Line (Just discovered them and like them a lot. They split up some time ago, sadly)
4. Flaming Lips

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The Batebe of Toro Foundation
Member # 465

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Not quite as perverted as it sounds, my job involved ... rape flowers ... wearing a mask

To be as perverted as it sounds, it would need to be pretty damn perverted...
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